The Experience You Crave

Relief CBD hemp cigarettes give you the moment of clarity and peace you crave without the nicotine and added chemicals that make traditional cigarettes so addictive. Relief CBD cigarettes are made with full spectrum American-Grown hemp. They do NOT contain tobacco or nicotine and only have trace amounts of THC, well below the legal limit of 0.3%.

Relief CBD cigarette being held by a woman.
Relief CBD hemp cigarette being held by a man.

Attention To Detail

CBD with a familiar feel. Our CBD cigarettes come in a 20 pack and look and feel just like the cigarettes you are used to. Making sure you have a pack you can count on that will last you. 


Hand made and individually inspected to make sure that you get a great smoke every time you reach for your Relief


We know our product and are happy to answer any of your questions. Please reach out any time.

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When I get stressed at work, I step out and have a Relief Hemp Cigarette and am instantly back in the right headspace to continue working.


"Since I started smoking these, I haven't craved a cigarette once."