What are Hemp CBD Cigarettes?

Seven packs of CBD cigarettes

Relief CBD hemp cigarettes are more than just cigarettes made from our Original CBD Blend of three hemp strains. We put countless hours of dedicated souring to bring you the perfect hemp cigarette. 

The right amount of a sativa dominant hemp CBD blend that brings you relief but wont slow you down, biodegradable high-flow filters, and unbleached hemp paper bring you a smooth smoke that brings you sweet relief. 

Blend of Premium Hemp CBD

We sampled dozens of hemp buds to select a combination of three strains we felt created the best CBD experience. 

Biodegradable Filters

Relief CBD hemp cigarettes use biodegradable cigarette filters made from cotton. We chose these filters because we acknowledge the environmental impact that cigarette butts have and by using these filters we can push other cigarette industries to make green changes. 

These filters are also low-resistance meaning they don’t filter out your CBD oil! They provide just enough resistance to give you a smooth draw that you would expect from any cigarette. 

Unbleached Hemp Tubes

Unbleached hemp paper tubes provide smoother, cleaner tasting puffs while also being more kind to the environment.

“We tested many tubes and these unbleached hemp tubes taste great and burn evenly.” – Relief CBD Founders