Letter From Our Founders

This last April, $2 of every Relief CBD pack sold was donated to The Lee Initiative, a COVID-relief organization that porvides meals and supplies for displaced and in-need hospitality workers. The Lee Initiative, in partnership with Makers Mark, has done an outstanding job—having served over 140,000 meals across 20 different cities in the last few weeks. We at Relief CBD would like to formally recognize their amazing efforts to support the community, as well as extend our gratitude to our own supporters that have contributed to our donations.

As April comes to a close, we at Relief CBD have decided to funnel our donations towards Shirley Raines and Beauty 2 The Streetz for the entire month of May. Shirley and her team, along with the biker club FIghters For The World MC, has been fundraising money via social media in order to provide mass amounts of food, water, locally-made face masks, and hand sanitizer for Skid Row homeless community. Raines, previous to the COVID pandemic, has been providing food and personal-care to the homeless community every Saturday for the last three years. 
We at Relief will continue to donate $2 for every pack sold to Shirely Raines and Beauty 2 The Streetz, and encourage our following to follow her page and spread the good word about the amazing work she’s doing for the community.