Military & Veteran Discount

We at Relief CBD are grateful for every man and woman who served as a member of the United States military to protect our country. As a thank you, we put together a military program that would make our hemp cigarettes and other products more accessible for those who served.

Relief CBD’s military program provides all active and veteran military members a 20% discount along with our complimentary free shipping on all full-price online orders. Members will be provided a personalized discount code to be used at checkout on their orders. 


All United States active military members and veterans must provide a scan or photocopy of qualified documentation indicating their military status or veteran endorsement. This discount only applies to active members or veterans. We cannot offer discounts to friends and family members.

We ask that all submitted documents have any and all critical information redacted such as SSN, address, etc. We only require your full name, expiration date of the id, and military branch affiliation.

*All documents submitted are used for verification and then permanently deleted. No submitted documents will be kept on file. The only information retained will be the your name and the personalized discount code we provide to make sure users comply with the terms and conditions.

Acceptable qualifying documents include:

  • DD-214

Join the program

If you meet the qualifications or have any other questions please email us at so that we can verify your military status and create your personalized discount code.  

Terms & Conditions

  • All orders must be placed with the same name that matches our records from when the personalized code that was given when signed up. Any orders placed with incorrect or different names will be cancelled and the discount code will be deactivated.
  • Codes can be used weekly on our online store for all full-price orders.
  • Military discount codes cannot be used in addition to or combined with any other promotional codes or special offers.