The Best Alternative to Tobacco

Each year, more and more people express an interest in quitting smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, but nicotine addiction makes it hard for them to quit. Quitting is a journey, it takes time and it’s a series of hard-fought internal battles. Cravings happen, we have all been at the liquor store or gas station debating buying a quick pack. Relief CBD cigarettes are the perfect in-between product for people on their journey of quitting smoking. When the stress cravings happen, when your friends go out for a smoke break; be ready. Relief CBD cigarettes allow you the ability to step out for a smoke break and enjoy that moment without setting yourself backward on your journey. The CBD won’t ignite any type of craving, but you will still be able to enjoy all of those same moments that you enjoyed before.

What are Hemp CBD Cigarettes?

Hemp CBD cigarettes are cigarettes made with all-natural, ground-up hemp flower instead of tobacco. They are also rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavors and have no nicotine. The result is a cigarette that offers clarity and relaxation without getting high since they contain CBD.

At ReliefCBD, we understand that not every CBD flower is equal, so we ensure that we pick the very best buds for our hemp CBD cigarettes. Our hemp flower is grown using sustainable organic practices to prevent issues of contamination.

Our hemp CBD cigarettes are:

  • A great-tasting and all-natural tobacco substitute
  • Free of any additives, nicotine and tobacco
  • Rolled with high-quality hemp CBD flower
  • Non-intoxicating
  • Rich in beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes

Are Hemp CBD Cigarettes Legal?

Hemp CBD cigarettes are completely legal and are covered under the 2018 Farm bill, which allows the sale of hemp products with less than 0.3% THC. This means that you are getting a perfectly legal product that will benefit you immensely when shopping with us. Relief CBD cigarettes even go further and use flower that is total THC compliant which makes our product legal even in states with stricter THC standards.

Why are Relief CBD Cigarettes the Best?

Hemp has become increasingly popular in today’s world. Thanks to the rapid adoption of hemp CBD Relief CBD has been able to work with wonderful farms and source CBD flower that is rich in terpenes and CBD grown in fantastic conditions with wonderful flavor profile. We sourced the best filter tubes available, imported from Europe, made with organic and unbleached hemp paper, and finished with an organic hemp-fiber filter that allows substantial air flow, ensuring you receive all of your naturally full spectrum CBD.

Relief CBD Premium Hemp Cigarettes are:

  1. Nicotine Free

While all other types of cigarettes contain the stimulating substance nicotine, hemp CBD cigarettes are nicotine-free. The use of nicotine poses great risks for the body. For example, nicotine is known to cause oxidative stress, which is quite damaging at the cellular level. Additionally, continued use of nicotine is likely to harden and constrict one’s blood vessels, effectively reducing the blood flow and increasing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Hemp CBD cigarettes, on the other hand, are rich in flavonoids, terpenes and cannabinoids, all of which benefit the body in different ways including showing promising results for systemic anti-inflammatory benefits.

  • Made from Natural Hemp

Traditional tobacco cigarettes are also known to have hundreds of dangerous additives and chemical components, which pose additional risks to smokers.

CBD cigarettes are made using natural and organic components, making them free of harmful contaminants, pestecides, and additives.

  • Non-Habit-Forming

Smoking hemp CBD cigarettes allow you to ease your craving for nicotine while satisfying your desires to smoke a cigarette. Hemp CBD cigarettes offer you an authentic smoking experience, only that this time, it is not nicotine that you will be ingesting. Nicotine is a highly addictive and habit-forming substance that rewires the brain to think it needs more nicotine, and by trying to quit cold turkey, one is likely to suffer from withdrawals such as nausea, excessive emotions and irritability etc.

On the other hand, Hemp CBD has not been shown that it appears to cause psychological or chemical dependence.

  • Relaxing and Grounding

Nicotine use is associated with a buzz or a rush, especially for new users. Once the addictive tendencies have set in, the smoker is likely to develop an irritating craving that can only be satisfied by smoking. After a few weeks of nicotine use, the user can no longer enjoy the effects and will keep smoking to deal with the cravings.

CBD is not an addictive stimulant but rather offers a feeling of relaxation or being grounded. Smoking Hemp CBD Cigarettes creates the same soothing effects many people have come to expect from ingestible forms of CBD.

  • Fully legal

A number of tobacco smokers will often switch to cannabis as an alternative aid to stop smoking. However, trading nicotine for THC means that one is exchanging an experience that was completely legal for one that has legal restrictions.

THC is an intoxicating and mind-altering component that can be quite difficult to smoke throughout the day. Additionally, THC remains illegal across many states, thereby a limited option for those looking to use it as an aid to quit smoking.

Relief CBD is non-intoxicating and completely legal across all 50 states.

How to Quit Smoking Using Hemp CBD Cigarettes

One of the major reasons why Hemp CBD cigarettes can be an effective solution for those seeking to quit smoking tobacco is that they are made to look and feel exactly like traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Hemp CBD cigarettes also offer an effective and non-addictive substitute that will fight off tobacco and nicotine related cravings.

To quit smoking using CBD cigarettes:

  • Start by replacing your pack of tobacco cigarettes with a pack of our 100% natural premium hemp CBD cigarettes.
  • Keep your pack on you so that you can enjoy Relief CBD in all of the same situations which you would normall enjoy a drag of your tobacco cigarettes.

Research has shown that smoking hemp cigarettes can be a critical tool in replacing nicotine and tobacco addictions. A survey done on 5,000 CBD users across the U.S. by the Brightfield Group shows that:

  • People looking to quit smoking will replace their tobacco cigarettes with either vaping or smokable hemp
  • 24% of the participants had used hemp to quit smoking
  • 41% of all those who quit smoking have replaced tobacco with hemp.

Enjoy Smoking CBD with Relief CBD Cigarettes

CBD is enjoyable to smoke for many people. CBD can create feelings of being grounded and relaxed which are enjoyable for many people on their own. The 20 pack of CBD cigarettes offers a convenient way to keep your CBD on you always. Your CBD comes rolled up and ready to smoke in its own pack! Relief CBD also has new menthol hemp cigarettes available for people who enjoy menthol cigarettes. Relief CBD Menthol cigarettes are cool and refreshing and have a truly icy finish!

If you are ready to start your journey to quit smoking or looking for a fantastic CBD product to enjoy, try our Relief CBD 20 pack of Hemp CBD cigarettes and see how they work for you!