The Best Places to Buy Hemp Cigarettes

Hemp cigarettes are one of the most sought out new products in the CBD marketplace. The sudden rise in interest has many people wondering where they can buy hemp cigarettes online as well as what kind of brick and mortar stores they could shop at. Some people are even wondering if it is legal to buy hemp cigarettes online. This article is going to answer these questions and more. 

Buying Hemp Cigarettes Online

Buying hemp cigarettes online is more than legal, it is the most convenient way to get your preferred brand. But just to say it again, yes, it is legal to order hemp cigarettes online and have them shipped to your home. USPS has issued a statement announcing that they will ship hemp and CBD products that are derived from hemp without any issue. This now leaves you with several options to order CBD cigarettes online. 

Some brands have online stores built into their website. That way you are able to buy directly from the manufacturer. Brands such as Relief CBD have an online store on their website. All of their orders are shipped with USPS, making the logistics completely legal as well. 

There are also online retailers that offer multiple brands of CBD cigarettes which would be an ideal place to shop if you are looking to compare brands. Just search for “buy hemp cigarettes online” and you will be good to go. 

Smoke Shops and Convenience Stores

It is possible to find CBD cigarettes in smoke shops and convenience stores. However, not every brand will be in your local smoke shop. Hemp cigarettes are new to the market and a lot of brands are still in the early stages of brick and mortar sales development. This just means you should call ahead in case you have to run all over town to find your brand. Brands such as Wild Hemp are most likely to be found in these types of stores as their main sales strategy is to be in physical retail locations.  

CBD Specialty Shops

CBD specialty shops have been growing in popularity and they are a fantastic place to purchase hemp cigarettes. In these locations, you will be more likely to find premium brands such as Relief CBD which sell for at a more premium price point to cover the costs of a better quality product. Overall, these stores carry a large selection of hemp products and the staff will have a great deal of knowledge about a wide range of CBD products.


Dispensaries that carry a good amount of CBD products will be likely to carry some smokeable CBD forms. Hemp cigarettes are rapidly appearing in more dispensaries. People showing demand for these products help them get into more locations. Dispensaries are very quick to adapt to customer demand, so feel free to ask any staff for brands that you like. You will most likely see them pop up on your local dispensary shelves shortly after asking about them.